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Automatica Limited

Automatica is a small company specialising in the analysis and mapping of transport planning information. It has its own web based mapping product Newcastle Web Stats based around Google Maps (NWS) hosted on an IONOS vitual server with additional data stored on Microsoft's Cloud based SQL platform. In addition, over many years, the Company has developed a variety of software engines/algorithms that enable complex accessibility analyses to be undertaken for both highway and public transport.

The company has over 30 years of experience in undertaking the above. The company is currently retained by Newcastle City Council, and previously has also been involved with The Department of Health, The Department of Transport and other government departments working with The Derek Halden Consultancy.

A variety videos are accessed from the top menu, give a comprehensive overview of how NWS can display information, such as Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) and produce comprehensive accessibility analyses. There are also videos relating to AutoBingGis10 (ABG10) a legacy Windows 10/11 App based around Bing Map.